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We are a solo attorney practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Smith has been representing parties in their annulments for the past 25+ years. Our mission is to get you through this with as little chaos as possible by doing what has to be done so you can get on with your life. It takes just a few minutes on the phone to determine if you are eligible for an annulment and whether you have a valid reason. After all, if we can’t help, we don’t want to take your money. Call now for your free consultation, 702-420-7052

Valid Reasons for Annulment


In many cases, one the valid reasons for a Nevada annulment listed below will fit your case.

If not, perhaps one of them comes close, but isn’t exactly right. It’s easier to simply call us at 702-420-7052 to ask if your reason falls under Nevada statutes. It’s a free consultation and will take less than ten minutes.


  • Void marriages NRS 125.290: Real Cases Examples __
    1. All marriages which are prohibited by law because the parties are related in some way, such as cousins.
    2. Either of the parties having a former husband or wife now living
  • Want of understanding NRS 125.330: Real Cases Examples __
    1. Being intoxicated, and you would not have married otherwise.
    2. Being under the influence of medication, or drugs, at the time of the marriage, and you would not have married otherwise.  This reason usually requires a letter from your physician as proof.
    3. Not “being your typical self” due to extreme stress or recent trauma in your life, and you would not have married otherwise. This reason usually requires a letter from your physician as proof.
  • Lack of consent of parent or guardian NRS 125.320: Real Cases Examples __
  • If one of the parties was a minor at the time of the marriage and did not obtain consent of a guardian or parent.
  1. A marriage entered into as a minor can be annulled up to one year after the minor party reaches the age of 18, unless the minor freely cohabits with the other party as husband and wife after reaching the age of 18.
  • Fraud or misrepresentation NRS 125.340: Real Cases Examples __
    1. Promises to have children but that promise then being broken after the marriage, and having children is very important to you.
    2. Finding out that a spouse had children from a previous relationship and never revealed that information.
    3. One of the two marriage partners not revealing that they owed huge sums of money or had filed for bankruptcy and this affects the finances of the other spouse.
    4. Undisclosed history of mental illness
    5. Undisclosed history of drug or alcohol abuse
    6. Undisclosed criminal past and/or arrests
    7. Undisclosed homosexuality or bisexuality
    8. One marriage partner manipulating the other to marry them to legally remain in the U.S. though this often has to be proven by third party affidavit, or  actual proof. It might  require a hearing.
  • Grounds for declaring contract void in equity NRS 125.350 Real Cases Examples __
    1. An agreement to have children after the marriage broken after one of the parties realizes that she or he did not really want children after all.
    2. Believing that you both of the same religion (or a sect within a religion) and realizing that you were mistaken and not being able to remain in the marriage because of it.

Other reasons could also be valid under Nevada Statutes. The above are merely examples of valid reasons entered on nevada annulment forms for actual annulment cases we have successfully handled for clients.

If you can prove fraud or misrepresentation to something that affects the core of your marriage but is not found above, it may be considered a valid reason as well. Contact Us and ask. We’ll reply promptly to your query.

With fraud and misrepresentation, a third party affidavit is sometimes required, e.g. if you claim that your spouse married you for “a green card”, your judge might require an affidavit from a third party who is aware of the situation, especially if your spouse will not sign an Answer that supports your claim.

Also, with fraud and misrepresentation, keep in mind that some judges require you to attend a prove-up hearing for your marriage annulment, though we do our very best to avoid this entirely. When it’s unavoidable, Mr. Smith does his best to arrange for you to attend the hearing by phone while he is physically in the courtroom for you as required.