Custom Living Trust

Includes Personal Consultation With the Attorney

We Make It Easy for You — Delivered in 24 Hours or Less — Protect Your Family and Estate From Probate

Las Vegas Living Trust Package — Attorney

Attorney James E. Smith, a Las Vegas attorney, has been representing clients like you since 1985, providing Las Vegas living trust packages. We treat you, and your living trust, with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. Mr. Smith has been creating living trusts in Las Vegas for high-end financial firms’ clients. When you retain us to create your living trust in Las Vegas, you eliminate that middle man. Contact us by email or call us at 702-420-7052 for expert advice on how to proceed.

Las Vegas living trust

I met Mr. Smith several years ago. Not only is he a great attorney, but now a good friend. I initially had him help me with family law matters and corporate matters and he always did an excellent job. One of the very few good attorneys left out there.
R.E. Las Vegas, Nevada

Steps to take to protect your loved ones from probate

STEP 1 :
Complete this easy form right from your computer in the privacy of your own home to give us the information we need to prepare your Revocable Living Trust Package

Receive your Las Vegas Living Trust documents in your email box within 2 business days (we can send by regular mail also – your choice).

Review all of your revocable trust documents in the privacy of your home.

Take your Living Trust documents to a notary (or have one come to your home). If you live in Las Vegas, you have the option to make an appointment to come to our office and sign in front of our notary.

Fund your trust! A living trust is of no use to you unless you fund it. This means, legally transfer all property you wish to have in your trust to the trust.

  • Quitclaim your house into the name of your new trust (we provide this optional service for you)
  • Change the name of your bank accounts into the name of your trust (we provide a trust summary in your package)
  • Complete the Asset Form included with your trust so that your Successor Trustee and your heirs can easily see where all your valuables are located
  • Give a copy of your new Trust to your Successor Trustee(s)

Store your new trust in a safe place. Review your living trust once a year.


  • We guarantee your custom living trust and all related documents will be correct
  • James E. Smith, a licensed Nevada attorney with 20+ years of experience drafting revocable living trusts creates your custom trust and reviews it with you to ensure your wishes are made known properly.
  • Your revocable living trust is ready for your signature within two business days (provided you’ve given us all the information we need)!
las vegas living trust

*Includes 2 reasonable revisions during the twelve-month period following the creation of your Living Trust. Change of successor trustee or extensive changes may be additional.

**Any changes deemed necessary by the attorney after he has reviewed the draft of your trust with you will be made at no additional charges, unless your particular situation requires extraordinary clauses and changes made to it (less than 1% of our clients require this)